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    ...A WhatsApp message received today had a particularly ghoulish description of life in a Muslim home. It ended by exhorting the recipient to forward the message in the name of his mother, to “each Hindu girl’s mobile so that not one of them ever thinks of marrying a Muslim boy”. And, somewhere in urban India, yet another “I wouldn’t want to be treated by a doctor who got admission on quota” conversation is received with sympathetic half-smiles. The list goes on. Someone from within the hallowed portals of a Legislative Assembly or one of Delhi’s leading schools pejoratively labels Muslim citizens as ‘Bangladeshi’ or ‘Pakistani’ and then questions their loyalty to the nation. Or an upper caste person vociferously says she has never come across an instance of caste discrimination in her life, yet casts aspersions on the professional skills of a doctor who is from a lower caste. ...

    The Hindu on Nov. 2, 2016, 11:19 p.m.