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    ...Life has come to a halt.Schools are closed and parents are helplessly thinking about the future of their children; shops and business establishments are closed and stocks of essentials have started drying up.FOR the last two months, the people of Kashmir have lived as prisoners in a long night, trapped in a curfew without end.Seventy-one people have died in the ongoing turmoil; hundreds more have been hit by pellets in their eyes, leaving them at risk of losing their eyesight.Thousands, both civilians and personnel of the government’s forces, have sustained injuries.Notwithstanding the debate about what percentage of the people supports the present turmoil in Kashmir and what percentage wants peaceful resolution of the issue, the fact that matters is this: The entire population is suffering; suffering horribly; suffering each day in unimaginable ways.This suffering comes from two sources. ...

    Indian Express on Sept. 3, 2016, 12:08 a.m.