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    ...It seems to be a view rapidly gaining currency, alongside cries of ‘presstitute’ and ‘fake news’. But attacking press freedom is like saying food is overrated, or that oxygen is a bit embarrassing: it makes no sense. Unless you’re a dodgy transnational corporation, or a tyrant. If you’re not one of these things then it’s just self-harm, in a peculiarly triumphant wrapping. Two factors are driving the new hatred of press freedom. One is a distortion of the lens of what people think of journalists. Contrary to popular belief, most journalists are not self-regarding repositories of privilege. Most are something else entirely, but the problem is, you don’t know them. You haven’t heard of them and you don’t know their names. Nonetheless there they are, working tirelessly on unremarkable salaries, in newsrooms all over the world. The journalists that you don’t know are giving voice to acid attack victims, exposing drug cartels, following trails of dirty money. They are investigating deaths in custody, defending children’s access to schools, and trying to clean up rivers. ...

    TOI on Sept. 28, 2017, 2 a.m.