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    ...But, when the dust settles and the euphoria of another night at Tahrir dissipates, I'm afraid people will wake up to the realisation that they are effectively under a military regime.A coup d'etat is not to be celebrated, regardless of the populist means Egyptians used to get to Tahrir.Military regimes are rarely beacons of liberal values.They come from a cultural mindset to protect against and to destroy enemies of the state.Historically, in Egypt, the military identified the Muslim Brotherhood and a number of its more radical offshoots as enemies of Egypt.This does not bode well for any transition.Understandably, many Egyptian supporters of the Brotherhood now feel robbed of participating in a free and democratic election.The impulse of many Islamists may be to lose complete faith in a democratic process. ...

    Indian Express on July 9, 2013, 4:35 a.m.