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    ...If I put my foot into it, I will not be able to take it out. I do the cleaning barefoot and keep stepping on shards of glass and other sharp objects in the slush, injuring myself. We have no choice but to clean up during the day, and return to the relief camp by evening. We use the water from the Adyar river for cleaning," says Anandita, who studies in Class 12. She has been living with her family in a relief camp in Chennai's Saidapet after her home was flooded after the city was hit by heavy rain. With the rains having lessened and the flood waters receding, the spotlight is on the city's relief camps where the many people who had to flee their homes are now. The camps, severely overcrowded and cramped, are the recipe for a health disaster. Add to that the dangers that lurk in the homes that families like Anandita's return to every day to clean without any protective gear like gloves or gum boots. ...

    NDTV on Dec. 10, 2015, midnight