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    ...But privacy suffers from something worse than widespread breaches: the state of the national privacy debate. Indian industry and civil society want regulation on the basis of a globally widespread set of privacy principles. The principles were born in the early 1970s in Europe and the US and have informed law ever since. In 2012, a group appointed by the Planning Commission and chaired by Justice Ajit Prakash Shah proposed an extended version of the principles for India. But while they worked well for the last 40 years, the principles are now on the verge of obsolescence. Notice and choice The nine Shah principles pertain to notice, choice, collection limitation, purpose limitation, disclosure, access, security, openness, and accountability. The first two together create the “notice and choice model” of consumer privacy. A service provider provides notice in the form of a privacy policy and a consumer exercises choice by clicking the “I Agree” button. ...

    Live Mint on Dec. 25, 2016, 10:50 p.m.