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Bhavi Jagatia

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    ...As time passes, we settle for what we get, the dreams that we had become dusty books that we never read. That should not be the case. We live in a time where everyone has great potential and the world has great resources - what matters is how you use it to mould your life. We should not for a second think that our dreams are impossible.I have grown up enveloped in episodes of stargazing on cold nights, solving Sudoku puzzles on Sunday mornings, and helping my father repair any dysfunctional device of the house - from the doorbell to the computer. Whether it was putting together circuit boards in Grade 6 or designing a sustainable lighting system for corporations in grade 10, innovation has never left my interest. Whether it was experimenting with the different hues of my paints, or making a list of unnatural questions after reading newspaper articles or scholarly reports, the flame of my curiosity does not seem to subside.My curiosity or adventurousness, combined with my love for space and exploration led me to decide that I wanted to become an astronaut. ...

    NDTV on May 15, 2015, midnight