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Bill Gates

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    ...At our foundation, I focus on global health. India’s immense diversity and size make it a source of both defining challenges and cutting-edge solutions for our sector. One of the most important questions in India today is, what will it take to trigger rapid economic growth in the years and decades to come? Drawing on both of my careers, I can say with confidence that it will take investments in health and nutrition, or what economists call human capital. Human capital has always been important. For example, research shows that investments in fundamentals like health and nutrition account for almost 40% of China’s phenomenal growth since the late 1970s. And, as India charts its course for the future, the productivity and skill level of its workforce is becoming even more critical. The export-oriented, low-skill, large-scale manufacturing jobs that developing economies have relied upon (and that were the key to much of China’s success) are on the wane around the world. ...

    TOI on Nov. 16, 2017, 2 a.m.