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By S Sudhir Kumar

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    ...His announcement enthused Hyderabadis, but in no time they found their enthusiasm misplaced. We are struggling to maintain existing infrastructure or build new ones, and many recent events stand testimony to why our enthusiasm evaporated so soon. Where are the roads? On September 15, 2016, Municipal administration minister of Telangana, popularly known as KTR, tweeted – “Yes, hearing it from many of you; Focus shall be on repairing the heavily damaged roads in Hyderabad. As soon as the rains give us a respite”. The respite came to us only towards the end of September. From about September 14th to Oct.1st – Hyderabad received its highest rainfall in the last 100 years. Yes, you read it right – the last 100 years. ...

    ABP on Nov. 28, 2016, midnight