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    ...Especially since the logistics involved usually make things even more interesting. One of my favorites is to accompany a collaring, when conservationists collar an elephant, which helps them gather data on them. They are fitted with a heavy duty collar with a tracking device inside it. The information that’s gathered has really expanded our knowledge of these animals, who in recent years have come under increasing threat, poached for their tusks that are in high demand in Asia. For example, the elephants that roam the Amboseli Park in Kenya were generally assumed to have mostly stayed within the park’s confines. But data from the last collaring have shown that in fact they wander much, much further, as far as the Masai Mara, near the Serengeti, and the Tsavo National Park. The last time I accompanied a collaring was in 2013 and it was unforgettable. I went with the same group as this year, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, better known as IFAW. At the time, among the target group of elephants they wanted to collar was a juvenile elephant. ...

    TOI on Dec. 7, 2016, 11:06 p.m.

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    ...When the world is changing around you as much as ours is, it’s an incredible privilege to witness something like that. It’s an amazing thing to go and see and I would certainly encourage anyone who has an opportunity to do so. This year marked my second photographing the annual wildebeest migration. They typically start from the Serengeti around July and they make it to the river crossings around August and then they cross back into the Serengeti from the Mara in September. This year I spent four days in the Mara, catching them on their way back. I chose to camp in a public campground, so I didn’t need to hire rangers, who are required in private ones. This gave me an incredible amount of freedom, since I could come and go as I pleased and didn’t have to depend on anyone else for anything. Plus, on a personal level, I love camping in nature. I love being there and sort of living around these animals. ...

    TOI on Oct. 7, 2016, 10 a.m.