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    ...The passions on this matter have been building up in recent weeks. For instance, the protests against the use of Hindi signage in Bangalore’s Metro last month. And, more recently, the incredulity towards the complaint that A.R. Rahman should have performed more songs in Hindi at a concert in London. A longer timeline Kannada writer B.M. Srikantaiah’s poem, Kannadada Bavuta (The Kannada Flag/Banner, 1938), is perhaps the earliest summoning of the idea of a Kannada flag. Most remembered for his innovative translation of over sixty English poems into Kannada in 1926, Srikantaiah’s idea of a flag aspired for the unification of the Kannada-speaking areas, which were found across the states of Mysore and Hyderabad, the Bombay and Madras Presidencies and Coorg. ...

    The Hindu on July 22, 2017, 12:08 a.m.