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    ...It is not something a white person, especially a white man, is asked, so you probably don't know what it is like to be asked that question. That question that makes you immediately into the other, the outsider, the person who does not belong, all suggested in just that one question. "I am American" I like to reply sometimes, but for some people like you that's not a good enough answer.I have put together some of the things you have said about Muslims. Like this, in November, 2015: "I saw clips, and so did many other people - and many people saw it in person. I've had hundreds of phone calls to the Trump organization saying, 'We saw it. There was dancing in the streets." This is what you claimed happened after September 11 , even though it has been proved blatantly false. ...

    NDTV on Jan. 25, 2016, midnight