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    ...It would be prudent, however, not to interpret this in a way as to raise hopes of a permanent seat in the Security Council. The UNSC election The two most prestigious organs of the United Nations are the Security Council and the International Court of Justice. While the Security Council has 15 member states, the ICJ has 15 judges. Election to the UNSC is conducted only in the General Assembly and requires two-thirds majority to get elected. Election to the ICJ is held concurrently in the UNGA and UNSC and requires absolute majority of the total membership in each organ. Veto does not apply for election to the ICJ. India has lost elections to both these organs in the past. Of the two, the UNSC is by far more important from the national interest point of view. ...

    The Hindu on Dec. 7, 2017, 12:37 a.m.