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    ... #MeToo hashtag came into being as long as a decade ago to build social solidarity among survivors of sexual assault in Canada who may not otherwise have been able to properly access institutional support systems. But since Hollywood’s powerful producer Harvey Weinstein was accused of rape and sexual assault by more than 50 women less than a fortnight ago, #MeToo has soared up and away, burning up the social media universe in several languages across the world. Sexual harassment is as old as the hills, probably older. But something struck a chord with the calling out of Harvey Weinstein – perhaps it was his class or colour, or the fact that he used privilege to shut up women who wanted to climb the ladder or, simply, be. Certainly, Harvey Weinsten used the casting couch to great effect and in the bargain congealed the conspiracy of silence that surrounds sexual harassment on a daily basis. In the US at least, #MeToo has had precedence. ...

    Indian Express on Oct. 25, 2017, 8:52 a.m.