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    ...Nothing of that awesome handsomeness has been constructed by any government. Almost all of it has come from the labours of a community expert in the maintenance of rice fields, paddies, khazan systems, and a low intensive life-style that is underscored by the spirit of soscegad (taking it easy) - the key component of a tourist industry. The result of these efforts over decades is that the Goa region looks like a painting and the local artists who created it have really never bothered about how many people came to see it and enjoy it. The government of Goa, however, has remained unimpressed. Over the years, it has tried zealously not to build on those assets, but to grind them to dust. Not surprising, every single project conceived by government or by companies or compradors have chewed up some part of Goa or another. The forests have been assaulted by mining, led by Vedanta, headquartered in England. ...

    NDTV on Jan. 26, 2016, midnight