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    ...What was the Salwa Judum?What was happening was that many of these tribal youth were brought by these security forces and kept in groups, almost like in concentration camps.Maybe they were given Rs 1,500 a month and trained in how to use rifles and guns.Ultimately, what happened was that both the Maoists and the security forces used these youngsters to kill each other.What could be more sinful than this?Apart from this, you cut them off from their homes.Which means that you also deprive them of their traditional sources of livelihood.The government couldn't even provide proper security cover in these concentration camps.Ultimately, the Supreme Court had to intervene to stop this.But the shadow of Salwa Judum has still not left us.Even at that time, I had opposed it, within and outside the party but there were a few people here and there who thought that this was the best thing to do.Salwa Judum has left very bad memories in the mind of the tribals and all these people who live in these areas. ...

    Indian Express on June 9, 2013, 2:15 a.m.