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    ...Surprisingly, the tiger’s paws and tail were covered with white paper. The title on the cover page was “Modi’s India: The illusion of reform.” Several critical and caustic commentary pieces accompanied that portrait in The Economist magazine of 24 June. What was unclear is whether the magazine was suggesting that Modi remains a paper tiger or somebody “who may go down in history for fulfilling India’s best shot at rapid, sustained development” or a prime minister who is contributing to “the worries about a still darker outcome” to come in India? Nevertheless, a different image of Modi took to the centre stage after his meeting with Trump on 26 June. Glowing plaudits for Modi’s dexterous handling of complex negotiations with Trump dominated reams of positive coverage in the Indian media. That Modi secured his political and defence deliverables became the underlying theme of the coverage. ...

    Live Mint on July 5, 2017, 12:29 a.m.