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    ...Reuters The India-Japan relationship is rapidly gathering momentum, taking shape faster than any of New Delhi’s current strategic partnerships. The 2017 annual summit on 13-14 September highlighted the strategic underpinnings of this partnership. While developments in the relationship led by Prime Ministers Shinzō Abe and Narendra Modi continue to be rapid, the partnership post the 2016 summit began to take a bolder tone and approach to the changing security environment. Japan and India, today are beginning to outline a framework to shape and lead the region. From discussing the importance of a rules-based order, New Delhi and Tokyo today are outlining their “central role in such a rules-based order”. Speaking at an India-Japan colloquium just a few days before Abe’s visit to India, foreign secretary S. Jaishankar provided a significant insight into the future of this relationship. ...

    Live Mint on Sept. 20, 2017, 4:12 a.m.