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    ...North Korea continues its provocative ballistic missile tests. A huge cyber-attack affected 200,000 computers in more than 100 countries. The US president fired the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) director, leading to questions about whether he obstructed justice and even raising the spectre of impeachment. In normal times, one would expect these turbulent events to be reflected in volatility in asset prices. But these times—when financial market outcomes are being suppressed by overriding forces of monetary policy, money flows and investor expectations—are not normal. There is a particular risk that investors construe the substantially low readings of volatility as signs that market conditions are benign, when, in fact, they are not. Of all the dangers in the world of finance, the enduring low level of market volatility is the most significant. How quiet is quiet? ...

    Live Mint on May 30, 2017, 12:16 a.m.