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Deepa Jayakumar

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    ...As a blood relative, I wanted to be with her in her most trying times as she was the person I loved the most and I always wanted to be with. I was even looked upon by many as heir apparent to my aunt. But journalism was my greatest passion from a very young age.Right from my school days, I was groomed by my aunt to be active in social work, which awakened a deep social concern in me. She was my role model for her determination, courage, hard work and selfless sacrifices.Things changed after we moved out of her Poes Garden residence. Suddenly, the house was full of strangers. They were new to me and I had trouble getting along with them.Back in 1991, on the day she was sworn in as chief minister for the first time, my family had lunch with her. ...

    NDTV on Dec. 14, 2016, midnight