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    ...That may seem paradoxical when some portray the Saudis as both "arsonists and firefighters" in the struggle with radical Islamists. While Saudi funding of madrassas internationally has contributed to the spread of a highly intolerant strain of Islam, I wonder whether a lag effect is causing the Saudis to be singled out for behaviors their leadership no longer embraces. In any case, that is certainly not the Saudi Arabia I just encountered.In fact, the Saudi Arabia I just visited seemed like a different country from the one I've been visiting since 1991. There is an awakening underway in Saudi Arabia, but it is being led from the top. As one Saudi told us, there is "a revolution here disguised as economic reform." While political change may not be in the offing, transformation is nonetheless taking place. ...

    NDTV on Sept. 9, 2016, midnight