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    ...The number of households without electricity in the country stands at a staggering seven to eight crore.In UP, this figure is about two crore. That the government of India’s recent initiatives in the power sector have started bearing fruit is undeniable.It is for this reason that the ministry of power and renewable energy (RE) has been graded as one of the most performing ministries at the Centre.With the increasing availability of power in the country resulting in a fall in prices and the gradual easing of transmission constraints, it is clear that the milestone of 24×7 supply to all parts of the country is around the corner.The big question, however, is to ensure supply of power, even if it is not 24×7, to all and here, the objective of “power for all” set by policymakers comes under scrutiny.Both Central and state governments have recently been applauding their rural electrification programme. ...

    Indian Express on Sept. 12, 2016, 2:49 a.m.