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    ...For three nights in a row, Arnab Goswami has debated, no sorry, there is no debate on The Newshour (Times Now), berated Pakistani artists—Fawad Khan, Mahira and Atif Aslam, that-singer or-whoever — for not criticising the Uri terror attack accompanied by a dismissive wave of the hand and a contemptuous curl of the lip. Since he could not train his guns on the Pakistani actors, he did the next best thing: scold, badger and lecture the guests speaking up for them who tried with varying degrees of desperation and resignation to get a word in. WATCH VIDEO His campaign against Pakistani artists – it is a campaign and not a discussion after all — his unrestrained and utterly ungracious takedown of anyone who dares to speak against his line, is a blood sport minus the thrill. ...

    Indian Express on Oct. 6, 2016, 3:35 p.m.

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    ...When I say 'small town', I mean towns in Garhwal with very small populations where people don't even lock their houses.If you have been brought up in a place like that, you don't really know what your talent is.There's no one to guide you.My mother and father are both musicians so there was music in the family, there were books and there was nature.I was in Tehri and in Chamoli.Gradually, when I started college and came to bigger towns, I realised I could sing and compose.I had started singing for All India Radio.But I was not rebellious.You have to have a very mean father or mother to be rebellious, which I didn't have.So I did my graduation in physics but kept on writing.I did my MBA from IMT-Ghaziabad, which is where I first encountered advertising and realised that someone would pay me for my writing and my ideas.Sanjay Mukta: Advertising is a lot of hyperbole.How do you relate to that? ...

    Indian Express on Aug. 4, 2013, 1:21 a.m.