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    ...We have to pause and reflect why the air gets worse every year. Just an increase in the number of vehicles can’t be trotted out as an excuse. All of us self-styled and other-styled experts should be gasping for ideas. Consider the following. In 1996, the Supreme Court ordered the closure of hazardous industries in Delhi to reduce pollution instead of forcing them to clean up their act. This led to the unemployment of over a million people directly or indirectly. In 2002, the Supreme Court ordered that all buses, taxis and three-wheelers in Delhi should convert their engines to CNG to ensure a clean atmosphere. Recent newspaper reports suggest that the policymakers think that “drastic” actions like temporary use of the odd-even scheme, closing schools, factories, construction activities, etc., are a way forward. All the above actions were based on advice from experts in the city and none of them could be considered harmful as far as controlling pollution in Delhi. ...

    Indian Express on Dec. 16, 2016, 12:36 a.m.