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    ...Ravi Kanojia/Express File photo It’s that time of the year when every politician, journalist, analyst, businessman, industry bigwig, professional, farmer, home-maker and teenager wants to be finance minister for a day. Everyone and his best friend thinks they can conjure a Union budget that will magically solve the pressing problems of the day. Truth be told, most of us have an incredibly self-centric view of things and (consequently) impose our political affiliations, pet disgruntlements and favourite biases on our budget fantasies. So, while the economists may want to focus on the fiscal deficit, stock market pundits are scared about whether long-term capital gains on equities will be taxed. Industrialists are lobbying for excise duty (and subsequently GST) slabs to be lowered (and customs duty hiked) for their sectors, even as they want the government to spend more on procurement/ordering. Householders are curious whether income tax slabs will be changed and exemptions increased. ...

    Indian Express on Jan. 27, 2017, 12:03 a.m.