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    ...But a lot of Delhi-ites were—from traffic police to garbage collectors to well-heeled office workers and, most certainly, expats. As with US President Barack Obama’s visit a year ago, all the talk in the local media—and much of the accompanying press corps—was about Delhi’s filthy air, rather than trade. When Obama came calling, the subject of Delhi’s air pollution was at its peak. Monitors had been put in place, and New Delhi had just been declared as the city with the world’s foulest air. The American embassy in Delhi stocked up on imported air purifiers and one foreign correspondent hit the headlines with a report suggesting Obama’s lifespan may have been cut short by his visit to New Delhi. Obama wasn’t wearing a gasmask (that’s what they are called here) either. Lessons, it seems, have not been learnt. ...

    Live Mint on Nov. 11, 2016, 12:55 a.m.