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Dr Sunil K Pandya

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    ...She has been in the hospital for two weeks and the hospital is being bombarded with queries by anxious supporters. Are the doctors and administrators at Apollo Hospital at fault for not whetting their appetite for information? The highest traditions of medical practice are based on four key universally acknowledged propositions: Autonomy, confidentiality, beneficence and justice. The first is intended to ensure that the patient is provided the best possible medical care without any compromise of his or her ability to decide for themselves when tests or therapeutic measures are proposed. Confidentiality guarantees his privacy. Beneficence and justice reduce to an absolute minimum the possibility of harm to him during treatment of the highest standards and at the least cost. The relationship between the patient and the doctor is unique. The patient confides to the doctor details that he or she will not divulge even to parents, spouse or offspring. ...

    TOI on Oct. 12, 2016, 7 a.m.