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    ...Sanskrit is considered the most refined among languages. Representational Image. The debate in relation to the inclusion of Sanskrit as a compulsory subject in the CBSE curriculum underlines the most obvious and egregious paradox, that an unusually rich and scientifically developed language has not able to retain its acceptance in the land of its origin. Another paradox, which has a more recent origin, is that its richness, importance and usability are better appreciated abroad than in India. It is an oxymoron that this language, commonly used by social elites and educated people in the past, has lost its relevance among educated persons today. Doubtless, multitudinous foreign invasions, coupled with the ignorance and vested interests of foreign rulers and westernised minds, ensured that the Sanskrit language got confined to an exclusive set of followers with the passage of time. ...

    Indian Express on April 11, 2017, 12:10 a.m.