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    ...Thirty years back Tamil Nadu sent another Bala to jail over a cartoon. Balasubramanian, editor of the popular weekly Ananda Vikatan, was sentenced to three months rigorous imprisonment by the speaker of the assembly. Lodged as a B class prisoner, the editor’s crime was publishing a cartoon that showed two passersby commenting on a political gathering. “The one who looks like a pickpocket is the MLA and the other like a masked dacoit is the minister,” went the gag. The Madras High Court finally ruled in favour of the editor. Now it is the turn of the cartoonist himself to be arrested. You have no-one to share the blame if you cause offence in the unedited social media. Digital India gives its creators freer access to the public and no less to the prison. Worse, unlike the higher artistic creators, the cartoonist gets a demeaning defence, which hasn’t changed in all these 30 years: Why prosecute the guy? Overlook the silly/tasteless cartoon and move on. ...

    Indian Express on Nov. 7, 2017, 1:15 a.m.