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Erinne Magee

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    ...She delighted in seeing my engagement ring that had been designed using three diamonds that were once hers. She'd given them to her son after his father died, encouraging him to save them for the woman he would marry.Her son and I divorced five years ago. But the split didn't add "ex" to my relationship to Susan. In fact, since then, we've grown closer.A few times a year, my daughter, Lexi, and I will make the eight-hour drive from Maine to New York to see Susan and her husband. Last summer, we even met in South Carolina, where Lexi's dad lives, before driving to North Carolina to meet Susan's parents for the first time.In 2014, I considered moving to New York to pursue a writing career. Lexi and I stayed in Susan's house while checking out schools and opportunities in the area. ...

    NDTV on Jan. 20, 2016, midnight