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    ...How did this shift occur, and what are its implications? In their early decades as independent states, India and Pakistan both sought to play down and even forget the violence of Partition, which is of course one way in which trauma manifests itself. But their response was also a strategic one, since the leaders of both nations realised that any official recognition of these brutal events would not only detract from the achievement of freedom, but also ran the risk of imperilling the religious minorities who might be held responsible for it. Without a single monument to mark it, Partition was for many years remembered only by two kinds of groups, religious ones on the far right which viewed the new states as being soft on belligerent minorities loyal to foreign powers, and those on the far left who saw them as agents of a bourgeoisie loyal to international capitalism. ...

    The Hindu on Aug. 14, 2017, 10:43 p.m.