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    ...But is having two time zones the right answer? A much better solution is to change the standard time of India. Our nation’s time is set as five and half hours ahead of GMT. Now, there are many benefits of having the entire country on a single time zone, but equally there are drawbacks. People living in northern and eastern parts of the country wake up really early in summer and enjoy sunlight only for few hours in winter. For instance, in December, sunset in Kolkata is at 4.54pm while in Mumbai, on the same day, sunset is at 6.04pm. In June, sunrise in Kolkata is at 4.52am while in Mumbai, on the same day, the sun rises at 6:01am. A vast country like India will always have a problem with a single time zone, hence the recurring demand for multiple time zones. Further, in the Americas and Europe, many countries adjust their timings every winter and summer by changing their clocks backward and forward by an hour, also called Daylight Savings Time. ...

    TOI on June 30, 2017, 2:01 a.m.