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    ... The grief and sorrow over the death of my father, E Ahamed, former Union minister and MP, is something my family is struggling to put behind. The more I remember that fateful day, the more I feel my father was trying to give a message, not only to me but to patients who cannot speak or reach out to anyone; to patients who have a breathing tube shoved down their throats when they cannot breathe. I am convinced that my father’s death will not go in vain. The best outcome will be the patient’s bill of rights, which will address an information lag in medical delivery in the country. Many a time, we see children spend days outside the ICU where their terminally-ill parent is admitted, only to receive the dead body after a few days. The patient’s relatives have a right to know about the condition of the patient, immediately after life-saving measures are instituted. They have a right to participate in the decision related to the treatment of their loved one, especially if it is an end of life situation. If there is no hope of the patient’s survival, he or she should be allowed to spend the last moments with loved ones. ...

    Indian Express on March 30, 2017, 12:17 a.m.