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Frank Bruni

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    ...It's bottomless, topless, endless, insatiable. He gazed upon a teeming arena of admirers and neither their presence nor their numbers was quite enough.He ached for an extra exhibition of their ardor. He had to issue a command and revel in their obeisance. I'm surprised only that he didn't ask them to kneel or genuflect, but that could still come. The primaries slog on. The general election looms.And Trump's campaign events have become increasingly unsettling affairs, by turns ludicrous and scary.One night he's turning a supposed victory celebration into an obliquely relevant pitch for Trump wine, Trump water and Trump steaks, to a point where he almost seems poised to bark out a toll-free number and urge consumers to "order now." ...

    NDTV on March 14, 2016, midnight