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Frank Walter Steinmeier

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    ...Sunitha Krishnan from India is fighting forced prostitution and human trafficking in her country, where many young women — and even girls — are still caught up in systemic prostitution. Jacqueline Moudeïna from Chad has been fighting for over 15 years to bring Hissène Habré to justice for atrocities committed during his presidency. Before the Syrian conflict, Raed al-Saleh was a businessman who sold electrical equipment; he is now the head of Syria’s White Helmets, a group of volunteers who are risking their own lives to help to rescue people following air strikes and to rebuild destroyed infrastructure. All these individuals have something in common: Wherever they come from, whatever they have been through, they are dedicating their lives to others. ...

    Indian Express on Dec. 2, 2016, 2:22 a.m.