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    ...If allopathy is science, Siddha is equally one or more so. It has stood the test of time to become a largely accepted scientific medical stream. But he derides it as lifestyle support. The basis of science demands that it has its own philosophy, pathophysiology, pathogenesis, pharmacology and diagnostic tools. It should be dispassionate and be open to evaluation and updates. Siddha meets all these demands. Unlike the opinion that it is based on myths and superstitions, Siddha is based on organic science. The problem of approaching Siddha as ‘unscientific’ lies in looking at it from the ‘condescending eyes of the West’. Though an Indian discovered the zero, for most of us, science is a western concept. For instance, a microbe can be killed with antibiotics or rendered inactive with probiotics. The desired results can also be achieved by stimulating the innate immune system of the individual. ...

    TOI on Oct. 3, 2016, 7 a.m.