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    ...In this backdrop, when BJP president Amit Shah employed a unifying strategy, while giving demonstrable representation to all major sections of the society, in the selection of candidates for the Lok Sabha elections in UP in 2014 and again, for the Vidhan Sabha in 2017, many Doubting Thomases wondered whether it will work. But Shah had the last laugh. The BJP romped home with a resounding victory in both the elections, vindicating Shah’s vibgyor strategy. Today, one can’t deny that Shah’s insightful handling of this strategy resulted in the BJP becoming a rallying point for all the non-Yadav OBC communities. It gave the party an unbeatable edge in UP. Shah created a record of sorts in Gujarat, winning practically every assembly election with a record margin. ...

    Indian Express on Aug. 17, 2017, 12:17 a.m.

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    ...Though Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the principal driving force behind GST, this epoch-making reform reflects the collective will of 135 crore people represented in our sovereign Parliament and state legislatures. By deciding to give the special overnight Parliament session a miss, Congress and some other parties have insulted this collective will of our people. Under Modi, India has already emerged as a global economic powerhouse. The latest testimony for this is President Donald Trump’s ungrudging praise of Modi last week for making India the fastest growing large economy in the world. GST manifests Modi’s determination to accelerate economic growth onto a faster trajectory to make up for the lost opportunities of the previous decades. In 1980, the Indian and Chinese economies were of the same size in purchasing power parity terms. ...

    TOI on July 3, 2017, 2 a.m.