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    ...In fact, their ranks have fallen compared to last year.Are institutions from India that bad?Have institutions from India been "lazy" in providing the right data?To show that there are problems with the rankings, I analyse the parameters of the IIT-Guwahati data (since these are available to me, but the results can be easily generalised to other IITs; IIT-Delhi and Panjab University data are also shown).The first table is for QS, and the second for THE.All scores are relative, with the top-ranked institution in each category getting a score of 100.One, the faculty-student ratio of IIT-G is the best among the IITs, but it is showing a decline and is much worse than IIT-D's in the QS table.Clearly, there is an error here.Two, the IITs are not allowed to take international students at the BTech level.There is scope for increasing the number of foreign PhD students.But even here there is a restriction, as government assistantships can only be given to Indian citizens. ...

    Indian Express on Oct. 5, 2013, 1:51 a.m.