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    ...Or education beyond class 8. Nor does it talk quality or equity. The RTE is focused on free and compulsory education till class VIII. It does not prescribe preschools for the poor. By 2030, India will have 590 million people — nearly twice the current US population — living in its cities. The youth segment of this population is expected to include 170 million workers. These are the preschoolers of today. And yet this very important constituent is practically overlooked in all our policy plans and pronouncements. So much so that in a 2016 UN report on world cities and their outlook (UN World Cities Report 2016: Urbanization and Development — Emerging Futures), “children” or “education” have not even a sub-section. India pegs her aspirations on big numbers — $1.2 trillion as capital investment to build cities for 2030, 700-900 million square metres of commercial and residential spaces, 2.5 billion square metres of roads. ...

    Indian Express on July 28, 2017, 12:15 a.m.