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    ...Even as you listen, you know these are not the voices to be contained; they are voices that must be set free to soar in open spaces. When they finish after nearly an hour, the sufi singers troop out of the theatre space in their spotless white robes, just as another group of singers troops in. This is the group that will do the namasankeerthanam after the Choir of Angels, comprising Loyola College students, finish. The Sufi and namasankeerthanam groups cross paths at the entrance to the Chandra Mandala. They stop, smile, exchange greetings and pleasantries: the acknowledgment of a wonderful performance by the latter; the graceful acceptance of a compliment by the former. Soon the choir finishes and Karthik Gnaneshwar and the group take the stage. As each piece of the namasankeerthanam heads towards its high-octane crescendo, you realize that the energy of bhakti music is no different than that of the music of whirling dervishes! ...

    TOI on Aug. 19, 2016, 3:41 p.m.