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Group Captain Sundeep Mehta

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    ...This narration is to bring perspective to survival and rescue efforts at elevations near 20,000 Feet Above Mean Sea Level (AMSL) after Wednesday's avalanche in which the precious lives of ten soldiers was lost. In June 89, when servicing the same post, I survived an engine failure after taking off in a Cheetah helicopter. I happened to be the co-pilot in that sortie, and we also had one Army havildar as our passenger who was being flown back from the post. In that treacherous terrain, there is not even a small flat patch on which to land the crippled helicopter down; we had to turn back and make a forced landing uphill, as is advisable in such situations. In aviation terms, our actions from the moment of engine malfunction to the forced landing were exemplary. On touch down, the aircraft rolled over and crashed in the snow. All occupants were unhurt. The troops at the post witnessed the entire sequence. By the time we managed to come out of the machine, a rescue team was approaching the helicopter about 400 meters below the post. ...

    NDTV on Feb. 5, 2016, midnight