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    ...Hasim Kilic/Hurriyet via REUTERS The recent terrorist attack in Berlin and the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey add to the worries of the already struggling European policymakers. Europe has been dealing with a series of crises in the last eight years — they include the Greek economic crisis, the Eurozone troubles, the war in Ukraine, refugee influx and Brexit. Terrorist attacks in Belgium and France earlier this year — last year as well — and now in Germany show that Europe can no longer isolate itself from the insecurities in its neighbourhood. The EU still has high levels of productivity and fairly high per capita incomes. Till 2008, the EU was seen as a very successful project. Almost every country in Central and Eastern Europe wanted to be a member of the EU; that was seen a sure ticket to prosperity and social security. ...

    Indian Express on Dec. 24, 2016, 12:54 a.m.